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14th Annual San Francisco Transgender Film Festival Highlights

San Francisco Transgender FIlm Festival Highlights

Founded by nationally acclaimed writer, musician, and activist Shawna Virago in 1997, the San Francisco Transgender Film Festival (SFTFF) is the first and longest running film festival exclusively for transgender and gender non-conforming people in the world. This year was SFTFF’s biggest festival to date which featured an expanded international program with films from Brazil, Nepal, Nigeria, Mexico, Germany, Canada, Spain, and the US.

Here are some festival highlights:

Premiering exclusively at the SFTFF in the Castro Theatre,Major! follows the iconic life of 73-year-old transgender pioneer, Miss Major Griffin-Gracy. TransGriot blogger and activist Monica Roberts wrote, “I’ve had the pleasure of getting to see a preview of it, and those of you who get to see the premiere and MAJOR! when it hits your local film festival will be in for a treat… It will be a fascinating look at the life of one of our Stonewall vets, and I even learned a few things about Miss Major I didn’t know.”

If you don’t know who Miss Major is or what she does, please educate yourself by going to see this film.

MAJOR! Trailer from StormMiguel Florez on Vimeo.

Stealth is a short film about a brave young girl that defies gender norms by living her truth. Assigned male at birth, Sammy, played by out trans actress Kristina Hernandez, finds herself becoming friends with the popular girls in her new middle school. Watch the (unofficial) trailer for Stealth below:

Brothers is an intimate queer web series that follows the lives of four transmasculine people embracing life and love in New York. With topics ranging from being out in the workplace to the realities of dating, Brothers covers the everyday issues transmasculine people deal with that is often overlooked. In an interview with Huffington Post, director and actor Emmet Lundberg said, “I wanted to see myself (figuratively) and my ‘brothers’ on screen. I know that I am in no way able to represent the entire trans masculine community or spectrum but I’m aiming to make a portion of it more visible.”

You can watch the first season of Brothers online via YouTube and help fund the second season here.

SFTFF is a grassroots festival with very little support with funding. To help fund next year’s festival, please inquire here

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    Love that this festival is happening. The world needs to know we are not all alike and thats ok. Thanks for all involved.

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