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  • Becca Benz

    Becca Benz

    Becca Benz has blogged since beginning her transition five years ago and has also written articles for various sites. She is a transgender model, artist, photographer and active member of the transgender community. Becca is a college graduate, served in the Army and is the proud parent of two adult sons.
  • Byron James Kimball

    Byron James Kimball

    Byron James Kimball is a freelance writer based in Salem, Oregon. Along with a love of food and gaming, Byron is passionate about the issues that the transgender community faces on a daily basis.
  • Daphne Dorman

    Daphne Dorman

    Daphne Dorman refers to March 30th 2014 as her "authentiversary." Since that day, she has lived her authentic life as a transwoman in the Bay Area, volunteering at the SF LGBT Center as the instructor for TransCode. She is a former actress and currently works as a Senior Software Engineer when she's not busy being a proud parent to her daughter.
  • Desiree Maçedo

    Desiree Maçedo

    Desiree is a Texas native who now resides in New York City. She was accepted to the Fashion Institute of Technology, which was her one way ticket to the Big Apple. Not finding her groove in the fashion industry, Macedo began to expressively educate and use her voice to inspire, not only the trans community but her allies. As a modern Trans woman, Macedo wants to tell her story and provide a sense of hope for the next generation.
  • George Marron

    George Marron

    I enjoy writing romance and adventure stories as a pastime. My first piece of story writing I ever wrote was about a lion. I was in fourth grade. Beforehand, I wrote my first poem. It was about an alligator.
  • Madeline Martinez

    Madeline Martinez

    Born raised in Venice, California. Did a little stint in the U. S. Army as an infantry soldier. Currently exploring the world for the minor opportunities that exist for those looking to find them.
  • Mike Panic

    Mike Panic

    Mike Panic has been writing since high-school. He currently publishes fiction and blogs under his name, and the pseudonym Brian White. When not writing he works as a paramedic, and as a performer in the adult industry. He is an active member of the LGBTQ community, and lives in Sacramento with his cat, Church.
  • Venus Lux

    Venus Lux

    In addition to being the owner and founder of TransGlobal Magazine, Venus Lux is a Transsexual Adult Performer, Director, Producer and CEO of Lux Entertainment. Venus has also written an advice column for the Trans Community and those that love them.
  • Victoria Darling

    Victoria Darling

    Victoria Darling is a trans woman who began living as her true self in 2011. In January of 2015, she (with long-time friend Niki Flux) started the TransEthics blog site where she interviews trans people from around the world.