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Reflections on Transgender Day of Remembrance 2015

Transgender Day of Remembrance West Hollywood

I attended Transgender Day of Remembrance 2015 in West Hollywood and it was an amazing and inspiring event. The city of West Hollywood, along with the Transgender Advisory Board and the Los Angeles LGBT Center, are to be commended for their efforts in putting together such an outstanding program. The ...

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Transparent as a Trans-Parent

Venus Lux: Transpartent As A Trans Parent

Experience helping others to understand the concept of being “transgender” has taught me how to now be a “trans-parent.” Summer has gone and fall has come even thought that is difficult to believe when you are still scorched under the hot Los Angeles sun. It has been a readjustment moving ...

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A Trans Girl’s Memoir (Part 3)

If you missed them, Part 1 is here, and part 2 is here. For the next few weeks, playing “Dress-up” was all we did. It was a drug for me. It was my heroin. She’d go through the box, while I’d go through her closet. I hadn’t let her put ...

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A Trans Girl’s Memoir (Part 2)

Vikki Darling as a kid

If you’re just finding this story of Victoria Darling please check out Part 1 first then come back here. April had a box of old clothes that belonged to her mom when she was a teenager. I noticed the fact that they were all girls’ clothes; a few of them ...

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