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Transgender Day of Remembrance 2015 Photo Gallery

Friday’s national Transgender Day of Remembrance was a moment for everyone to reflect not only on their own life but of those lives that have been lost in just the past year alone. Our own Becca Benz had a lot to say about the day after participating in the annual ...

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Some Thoughts on Changing My Name

Changing your name involves lots of paperwork.

If anything can be said of the transgender community as a whole, we’re one of the few communities out there that actually looks forward to waiting in line at the DMV. Granted, maybe that’s a bit of a generalization- like anything, there’s plenty of DMV related horror stories swirling around ...

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The Power of Transgender Visibility

Visibility is My Superpower column by Daphne Dorman in TransGlobal Magazine.

I’m a nerd and like most nerds, I love superheroes. Unfortunately, we don’t live in the world of comics or inside blockbuster movies. Instead, we must settle for superpowers that while mundane, can be equally potent. One of our greatest superpowers is visibility. My story is not so unique. I ...

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Trans Healthcare Discrimination Must End Now

Tell The Feds: End Trans Healthcare Discrimination

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is reviewing whether or not to adopt the new proposed rule, which says healthcare providers and insurance companies who discriminate against transgender people are violating the Affordable Care Act. But we only have until November 9 to act and help ensure ...

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