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Topless Laws and Being Trans: What’s the Deal?

Courtney Demone/Mashable

It’s no secret. Whether you’re a trans woman, a trans man, or even non-binary, the state of your chest is kind of a big deal. As a trans man, I’m rarely stepping outside the house without first throwing on a chest compressive binder. My trans female friends eagerly await the ...

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When Dysphoria Hits Unexpectedly

Content Warning: Triggers of Gender Dysphoria Discussed. It happens out of nowhere sometimes — something you see or hear just sets you off, and what began as a great day becomes a mental Hell on Earth. The triggers are all varied and different for every trans person. Misgendering is probably ...

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Moving To a New City (When You’re Transgender)

Moving to a new city is something most people will have to do at some point in their lives. It already has the potential to be a confusing and frustrating process at times. But when you’re transgender, there may be a few additional things to keep in mind. Regardless of ...

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Resources for Transgender People in Portland Oregon

Resources for Transgender People in Portland Oregon by Becca Benz in TransGlobal Magazine

Oregon is a very trans-friendly state not only in what they do to ensure the rights of transgender people but also as far as acceptance and in the availability of social and employment opportunities. Oregon has been at the forefront of initiating legislation and programs which have given its LGBTQ ...

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Transgendered…with Children

Hello Lovers! We have recently talked about coming out to your family about being transgender and today I want to touch base on being transgendered… with children. Now, I personally don’t have children, but I do have a little brother who I treat as my own son. I raised him ...

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