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Strong Sisters: Trendsetting Transgender Icons

Strong Sisters

Hello Lovers! I feel like I’ve been talking about all the exciting changes and opportunities for Transsexuals and not spending much time introducing you to the trendsetters and icons that are making the tide turn. We all have heroes and these fabulous transgender females who are making heads turn and ...

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A Trans Girl’s Memoir (Part 1)

I am uncertain how this all began. I was five, I think. Corduroy seemed to be the culprit. I was shopping for “school clothes” with my Mom. I learned later that “school clothes” would become next year’s “play clothes”, but I digress. Mom and I were at some store or other and ...

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The Following Is a Statement of Editorial Opinion

There has been a call for there to be single-stall gender neutral restrooms to replace the traditional restrooms amid the flurry of anti-trans bathroom bills which have been introduced in many State legislatures this year. This sounds good in theory; however in practice this is extremely problematic. I was in a small café which recently ...

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Women & Transsexuals… What’s the Difference?!

First posted November 9, 2012 in AIPdaily.com Some say women are crazy and some say transsexuals are crazier. So, what is the difference, besides the fact transsexual women can’t shoot a baby out their vaginas or that most transsexual women have a ding dong?! This is a topic I encounter ...

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