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Trans on Trans Violence: Why It’s Mostly Ignored

Content warning: Sexual assault, Verbal abuse It’s shocking when it happens. When you see an accusation on the internet stating that a trans person was sexually assaulted, it brings all kinds of emotions up: outrage, empathy and sympathy for the victim, and the need to rally against the perpetrator. But ...

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The Next Step for Trans Advocacy

Laura Jane Grace came out as transgender in a 2012 interview with Rolling  Stone,  but it wasn’t until Laverne Cox appeared on the cover of Time Magazine in 2014 that trans people have been the media forefront in a way which has been needed for decades. Prior to this, tabloid ...

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Dating While Trans: Some Pros & Cons

[Content Warning: Sexual Assault]  So you’re trans and single. I can say with a great amount of experience that this is not exactly the brightest dating scene, even with the stigmas surrounding trans people starting to fade. The fact is the media still doesn’t treat us as people, but more ...

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