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Transitioning in a Relationship: Things to Know

I’d been out of the closet for some time and living openly before I shacked up with my partner of now-slightly-over-a-year. Of course, this isn’t always the case. Often times, you might not even realize you’re transgender until after you’re in a committed relationship. I’ve known couples who were married ...

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7 Things to Ask a Trans Woman About Besides Her Transition

It’s kind of understandable that cisgender people will ask a trans woman about her transition, but it really is time to get over that. It’s true that people are curious about things they don’t understand and when a cis person does ask about transition, it’s not always with malicious intent. However we get ...

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The Trans Guy’s Guide to Binding

Tips for Binding

At some point in your transition to male you may decide to include binding as part of your presentation. Whether you decide to seek out top surgery or not, a lot of guys feel that binding’s an easy and inexpensive way to help them feel more at home in their ...

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