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Transgendered…with Children

Hello Lovers! We have recently talked about coming out to your family about being transgender and today I want to touch base on being transgendered… with children. Now, I personally don’t have children, but I do have a little brother who I treat as my own son. I raised him ...

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Eat, Pray, Love. Man, Woman, TS Woman?

Hello, Lovers! Lately, it seems as if the world is changing in massive ways on a daily basis. People are expanding their minds and challenging their boundaries constantly. Each passing second, another person opens their perspective to something new and unexpected. Through our desire to communicate our mistakes, emotions, and our ...

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Parental Guidance Suggested

Hello Lovers, Coming out is hard enough but  imagine your parent is a celebrity and having that additional pressure and stigma pushed upon you when come out about your sexuality or gender identity. This is the situation for R. Kelly’s daughter, now son, who recently came out on social media ...

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