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Being Transsexual in My Personal Life

I have been asked about my personal life, and the problems that often arise when guys aren’t attuned to my unique situation. As you can imagine, I’ve been through many scenarios where some guys don’t know — they go on a date with me and at some point I have to tell them, and that’s ...

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A Trans Girl’s Memoir (Part 1)

I am uncertain how this all began. I was five, I think. Corduroy seemed to be the culprit. I was shopping for “school clothes” with my Mom. I learned later that “school clothes” would become next year’s “play clothes”, but I digress. Mom and I were at some store or other and ...

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Lost in Transition: The Non-Binary Equation

‘Twas an interesting day when someone tweeted, “What the hell is an ‘enby’ anyway?” into my timeline. Before I had time to digest the fact that one of my followers had no idea, several other followers who happen to be non-binary went on a 140 character education spree. I started ...

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Dating While Trans: Some Pros & Cons

[Content Warning: Sexual Assault]  So you’re trans and single. I can say with a great amount of experience that this is not exactly the brightest dating scene, even with the stigmas surrounding trans people starting to fade. The fact is the media still doesn’t treat us as people, but more ...

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