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Transitioning in a Relationship: Things to Know

I’d been out of the closet for some time and living openly before I shacked up with my partner of now-slightly-over-a-year. Of course, this isn’t always the case. Often times, you might not even realize you’re transgender until after you’re in a committed relationship. I’ve known couples who were married ...

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Unselfish Act of Love

Brad will never forget this summer day. He was on a solo hiking trip in between the rolling hills of Sonoma and Napa. His mission was to find the legendary waterfall that he had heard around his town for all of his thirty years of being on this earth. The ...

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Coming Out To My Sons

Coming out to my sons by Becca Benz in TransGlobal Magazine

Welcome to my first column for TransGlobal Magazine! I want to thank Venus for this wonderful opportunity and I hope that my experiences and insights can be helpful for others in the transgender community and also to those who are still learning about transgender people and issues. Transitioning is not ...

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