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Short Stories

The Legend

“What’s your voice?” the Legend said. “That’s what they all wanted to know after a while. After they stopped with the other shit. All that, ‘Did they give you a penis in surgery? Are you ever going to go back? How do you fuck?’ That one was always my favorite. ...

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Unselfish Act of Love

Brad will never forget this summer day. He was on a solo hiking trip in between the rolling hills of Sonoma and Napa. His mission was to find the legendary waterfall that he had heard around his town for all of his thirty years of being on this earth. The ...

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Graduation Night

A law school graduation party is being held at Angel’s in mid town. It is a very popular local club where a diverse group of well dressed people enjoy hanging out. At this particular occasion, there is a graduating class of wannabe lawyers in the house. The valedictorian, a 6 ...

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