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Graduation Night

A law school graduation party is being held at Angel’s in mid town. It is a very popular local club where a diverse group of well dressed people enjoy hanging out. At this particular occasion, there is a graduating class of wannabe lawyers in the house. The valedictorian, a 6 foot, dark-haired, clean-cut man in a Tom Ford suit could not take his eyes off the cute 5 foot 7 inch blonde bartender. She happens to be the most popular person in the joint. This lady is attending the university in an athletic scholarship for volleyball. This junior plays on the womens’ team. Her story is widely known around the campus since she had to fight her way onto the team since she is a transsexual. Anyways, we need to get back to the story. He notices how effortlessly she makes the various drinks and how personable she is to the clientele. Minutes later, the confident young man introduces himself to her. They shake hands and she makes a Jameson on the Rocks for him. As they continue their conversation, a good chemistry develops between them. She even laughs at his awful jokes. The woman promises Tony that she will meet him when the bar closes. For both people, the time went by so slowly. Tony either stared at the clock on the wall or at Tina.

Every minute towards closing time makes the graduate even more nervous. As for the bartender, her flawless behavior remains solid. However there are a lot of glances being exchanged between she and he. Tina hands him a glass of chardonnay fifteen minutes before everyone leaves to go home. At 1:00 am, the final person walks out of the establishment. Now, Tina and Tony are alone. The man turns on the old jukebox and press the button. The song “Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady” airs through the speakers. He takes the trans lady’s soft hand and wraps his arms around her for their slow dance. She rests her head against his chest. Their heartbeats gain in pace as both people get turned on by the very close proximity of each other. When Lionel Richie sings the verse “To touch you to hold you”, they kiss for the first time. They continue to kiss through the rest of the song. They did not even come up for air until mid-way of the following song “Endless Love”.

At 1:30 am, the manager enters the bar to collect the night’s cash. Tina and Tony try to look composed. She hands her boss the money bag and the trio walk out the door. The trans lady and the graduate hug and kiss and leave in opposite directions. They have plans to meet at the park at noon. The movie theater is across the street. Their first official date will begin and the magic that they created will hopefully resume when the lights go down in the theater. The film that is showing is “Fifty Shades of Grey”.

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George Marron
I enjoy writing romance and adventure stories as a pastime. My first piece of story writing I ever wrote was about a lion. I was in fourth grade. Beforehand, I wrote my first poem. It was about an alligator.