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Laverne Cox Cast as Iconic Role in Rocky Horror Remake

Laverne Cox Cast as Dr. Frank N Furter
Andrew H. Walker, Getty Images / 20th Century Fox

Way back in April Fox let us know they were working on a remake of the cult classic film The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Seems like the endless trend or rehashing just about everything that was ever made for a new generation isn’t yet dead.

Well now we know who will be the lead. It was recently announced that transgender icon and “Orange is the New Black” actress Laverne Cox has been cast to star as mad scientist/ alien transvestite who attempts to creates a life partner in his lab, Dr. Frank-N-Furter, in the 2 hour television remake of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” The role was famously played by Tim Curry in the original.

If the casting and choices that follow are just as bold as this one then the production could be a win on many levels. The cult film has a huge following and gets regular screenings monthly around the country with huge fan participation. The casting of Laverne Cox will hopefully be yet another step forward in the transgender movement just as much in the same way that the original film 40 years ago was a touchstone for transgender awareness and liberation.

SlashFilm sums it up nicely I think “Best known for her performance as Sophia Burset on Netflix’s Orange is the New Black, Cox is the first transgender person to be nominated for a Primetime Emmy acting award. She’s also an award-winning activist known for her advocacy work with the LGBT community. So her taking on the role of “the sweet transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania” manages to feel all kinds of right and all kinds of wrong. In other words, it feels like Rocky Horror, which manages to blend those two disparate feelings into a seductive, totally bonkers cocktail that has enraptured fans and annoyed everyone else for 40 years now.”

As they mentioned the only real issue is just how she will fill the very large high heels and fishnets of the amazing performance of Tim Curry as the Frank.

No casting notes yet for who will fill the roles of Brad Majors (originally played by Barry Bostwick), Janet (originally portrayed by Susan Sarandon) or Dr. Frank N Furters helpers Magenta, Columbia and Riff Raff. The Rocky Horror Picture Show Event is slated to debut next fall on Fox.

Till then let’s just take a few minutes and do the time warp again!

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