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Long Beach Transgender Day of Remembrance Highlights

Long Beach Transgender Day or Remembrance
Photo by Jonathan Wallace

Friday was the  national transgender day of remembrance with events happening around the country in support of transgender rights and those that have been lost in the fight.

The LGBTQ Center of Long Beach held a candlelight vigil at Harvey Milk Promenade Park in Long Beach and it was powerful for those that were there.

“Today we live in a world of extreme dualities,” said Porter Gilberg, executive director of The LGBTQ Center of Long Beach. He noted an unprecedented number of transgender people have been visibly depicted in the public eye, people such as Laverne Cox.

“Yet, we’ve also heard deafening silence,” said Gilberg, stating that the nation is “still raw” from Houston, Texas’ rejection of an anti-discrimination ordinance that had been passed by the Houston City Council in May.  “There’s a binding thread here, when we turn a blind eye […] when we are silent to those voices, we are compliant in their oppression,” Gilberg said.

Take a few minutes and read the full write up by Keeley Smith of The Long Beach Post of the event.

The LGBTQ Center Long Beach is located at 2017 E 4th St, Long Beach, CA 90814. Visit their website for more information.

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