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Mikki del Monico Discusses Transitioning Directing First Film Alto

Mikki Del Monico on set
(Mikki pre-testosterone, on Alto film set, with co-stars Diana DeGarmo (American Idol, Season 3) and Natalie Knepp. Photo courtesy of Katy Ostrander.)

I transitioned in plain sight…while completing my first feature film, because I thought the most stressful time of my life needed a little excitement.

Mikki del Monico transitioned from female to male while making his feature film debut, Alto, for which he received Best First-Time Director at Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles. He recently discussed the making of the film and his transition with Huffington Post. 

In it he had this to say about his coming out: “During the one and only table read, I’d planned to come out to the cast by playing I Am What I Am, the Gloria Gaynor version of a song written for Broadway’s La Cage aux Folles, a great way, or so I thought, to come out as transgender, introduce my script about a musician’s quest for authenticity and let people know I was a disco-loving dork, all in one gesture.

It’s an interesting read so visit Huffington Post to read the full story.

Alto Film PosterAlto is biiled as Lesbian mob comedy dealing with two girls coming out to their FAMILY. An improbable love, the mob and family traditions gone awry all pave the way to laughter in this character-rich story that explores uncharted territory. When unlikely worlds collide, chaos ensues and it all comes down to: Two girls. One gun. The Mob. Because coming out to family is hard, but coming out to FAMILY is funny.

It will debut in Western New York on Sunday, October 1 1, 2015 at The Little Theatre during the The Rochester LGBT Film & Video Festival and will have a premiere in Pennsylvania on Saturday, October 17 at the Harris Theatre during the Pittsburgh International LGBT Film Festival.

Follow their updates on Facebook for more screenings and release information.

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