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MUST WATCH! Identity: In & Beyond The Binary A Documentary By Dave Naz

IdentityIf you haven’t taken an hour out of your day to watch this engaging 60 minute documentary by Dave Naz then you need to stop what you are doing right now and WATCH THIS!

In Indentity: In & Beyond The Binary photographer Dave Naz interviews transgender, genderqueer, butch and queer people on their varied experiences with gender identity. They touch on topics such as taking hormones, employment, growing up, and more.

The film was an extension of his book Genderqueer And Other Gender Identities and a way to further tell the first hand stories of his subjects lives.

The Advocate published a wonderful article back when it first came out. In that piece Dave Naz commented “The best part of the film is that all of [the subjects] get to talk from their heart about who they are and how they identify.”

Then went on to say: Identity takes a hopeful, cinematic approach. Shot in a straightforward, plain style where each subject speaks directly to the camera about how they formed their sense of self, the profiles of Identity‘s subjects are unsparingly honest. The raw nakedness of this testimony reveals that gender-variant people often do not fit neatly into easily defined categories. Frequently, the subjects use pronouns and phrases that reflect their trans identity, at the same time that they embrace a range of masculine and feminine gender expressions.

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