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When Dysphoria Hits Unexpectedly

Content Warning: Triggers of Gender Dysphoria Discussed. It happens out of nowhere sometimes — something you see or hear just sets you off, and what began as a great day becomes a mental Hell on Earth. The triggers are all varied and different for every trans person. Misgendering is probably ...

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Coming Out To My Sons

Coming out to my sons by Becca Benz in TransGlobal Magazine

Welcome to my first column for TransGlobal Magazine! I want to thank Venus for this wonderful opportunity and I hope that my experiences and insights can be helpful for others in the transgender community and also to those who are still learning about transgender people and issues. Transitioning is not ...

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How to Be a Better Partner to a Trans Woman

Laverne Cox once said: “Loving trans people is a revolutionary act”. This is very true. Many trans people are convinced at one point in their lives that no one will love them because they are transgender. I cannot (nor will I presume to) speak for trans men or non-binary people. ...

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