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When Dysphoria Hits Unexpectedly

Content Warning: Triggers of Gender Dysphoria Discussed. It happens out of nowhere sometimes — something you see or hear just sets you off, and what began as a great day becomes a mental Hell on Earth. The triggers are all varied and different for every trans person. Misgendering is probably ...

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5 Things I Know To Be Absolutely True

Some Things I know to be True

First posted on November 22, 2013 by AIPdaily.com Life is tricky, it doesn’t come with instructions. If we are lucky those that walk the path ahead of us send back word of what to expect and guidance on how to navigate the twists and turns. No matter who you are ...

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Lost in Transition: The Non-Binary Equation

‘Twas an interesting day when someone tweeted, “What the hell is an ‘enby’ anyway?” into my timeline. Before I had time to digest the fact that one of my followers had no idea, several other followers who happen to be non-binary went on a 140 character education spree. I started ...

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