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The Power of Transgender Visibility

Visibility is My Superpower column by Daphne Dorman in TransGlobal Magazine.

I’m a nerd and like most nerds, I love superheroes. Unfortunately, we don’t live in the world of comics or inside blockbuster movies. Instead, we must settle for superpowers that while mundane, can be equally potent. One of our greatest superpowers is visibility. My story is not so unique. I ...

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Developing Your Sense of Fashion Style

Fashion and Style column by Becca Benz in TransGlobal Magazine!

One of the biggest challenges trans women face, especially early in their transition, is learning about fashion and clothing styles and figuring out what styles work best for them. Cis-gendered women grow up with mothers, sisters, and friends with whom they learn about clothing and make-up and help develop their ...

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Coming Out To My Sons

Coming out to my sons by Becca Benz in TransGlobal Magazine

Welcome to my first column for TransGlobal Magazine! I want to thank Venus for this wonderful opportunity and I hope that my experiences and insights can be helpful for others in the transgender community and also to those who are still learning about transgender people and issues. Transitioning is not ...

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