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Being Transsexual in My Personal Life

I have been asked about my personal life, and the problems that often arise when guys aren’t attuned to my unique situation. As you can imagine, I’ve been through many scenarios where some guys don’t know — they go on a date with me and at some point I have to tell them, and that’s ...

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Women & Transsexuals… What’s the Difference?!

First posted November 9, 2012 in AIPdaily.com Some say women are crazy and some say transsexuals are crazier. So, what is the difference, besides the fact transsexual women can’t shoot a baby out their vaginas or that most transsexual women have a ding dong?! This is a topic I encounter ...

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Unselfish Act of Love

Brad will never forget this summer day. He was on a solo hiking trip in between the rolling hills of Sonoma and Napa. His mission was to find the legendary waterfall that he had heard around his town for all of his thirty years of being on this earth. The ...

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