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When Dysphoria Hits Unexpectedly

Content Warning: Triggers of Gender Dysphoria Discussed. It happens out of nowhere sometimes — something you see or hear just sets you off, and what began as a great day becomes a mental Hell on Earth. The triggers are all varied and different for every trans person. Misgendering is probably ...

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A Trans Girl’s Memoir (Part 3)

If you missed them, Part 1 is here, and part 2 is here. For the next few weeks, playing “Dress-up” was all we did. It was a drug for me. It was my heroin. She’d go through the box, while I’d go through her closet. I hadn’t let her put ...

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A Trans Girl’s Memoir (Part 2)

Vikki Darling as a kid

If you’re just finding this story of Victoria Darling please check out Part 1 first then come back here. April had a box of old clothes that belonged to her mom when she was a teenager. I noticed the fact that they were all girls’ clothes; a few of them ...

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The Following Is a Statement of Editorial Opinion

There has been a call for there to be single-stall gender neutral restrooms to replace the traditional restrooms amid the flurry of anti-trans bathroom bills which have been introduced in many State legislatures this year. This sounds good in theory; however in practice this is extremely problematic. I was in a small café which recently ...

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Trans on Trans Violence: Why It’s Mostly Ignored

Content warning: Sexual assault, Verbal abuse It’s shocking when it happens. When you see an accusation on the internet stating that a trans person was sexually assaulted, it brings all kinds of emotions up: outrage, empathy and sympathy for the victim, and the need to rally against the perpetrator. But ...

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