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Unselfish Act of Love

Brad will never forget this summer day. He was on a solo hiking trip in between the rolling hills of Sonoma and Napa. His mission was to find the legendary waterfall that he had heard around his town for all of his thirty years of being on this earth. The eager man had woken up early that Saturday morning and packed his backpack with high protein bars and bottles of Spring water. At noon, Brad’s dad had dropped him off on the side of Snake Road which paralleled a creek. The adventurous man had followed that waterway to reach the waterfall. However, when he had walked for two hours, the creek came to an end and no waterfall was in sight. The mystified fella had to improvise on his feet by shoving his way through rows and rows of seven feet tall manzanita bushes. They were so thick that Brad lost his sense of direction and fell off a cliff. When he had stopped rolling from his fall, he landed in a small vineyard. He became unconscious for several hours. At sunset, Brad woke up. The lost hiker had no food and his clothes were torn into shreds. As soon as Brad had walked to the end of the row, a large three story mansion was one hundred yards in front of him.

A bunch of cars were parked in front of the massive house. The bewildered man was highly impressed with the brand new fancy automobiles. They were the current models of Ferrari, Bentley, McLaren, Rolls Royce, and Porsche. As Brad was about to ring the doorbell, the door opened and a tall butler named Smith appeared. The hiker told the man he was lost. The well-dressed servant showed him in and there was a crowd of fifteen people staring at him from the dining room. A twenty-nine year old woman who was wearing a tight black dress walked up to him. She said, “Hi, I am Joclyn. Welcome to my home. How may I help you?” Brad replied, “I was hiking and I fell of a cliff and now I am lost. My clothes are torn to shreds. Sorry for the untidy appearance.” Joclyn answered, “Don’t worry about it. Smith will take you upstairs so you can change into some clothes.” Moments later, Brad and the butler walked up the staircase. Joclyn, with a grin on her face, stood at the bottom of the stairs just watching him. The two men enter one of the many spacious bedrooms. Smith opened the big walk-in closet door and took out a black suit. After Brad had freshened up in the side bathroom, he put on the very nice outfit. Then, he walked down the stairs to join Joclyn and her friends.

Joclyn motioned Brad to sit next to her. He told the beautiful brunette his day’s experience. When he mentioned his cliff dive, the woman grabbed his leg and pressed it hard. Her genuine actions had showed the adventurer that she had acquired good fondness for him. During dinner, the only thing available to consume was bottles of blood. Joclyn revealed to Brad that everyone who was in the mansion were transsexual vampires. They had gathered for an important event. She was dying because she steadfastly refused to suck human blood. It was her strict morals that continued to go against the survival code of the vampires. Fresh human blood was the only way that a vampire could remain ageless and live for eternity. Joclyn never wanted to take a human’s life and transform that person into a vampire even if it lenghened hers. Surprisingly, Brad felt safe around this group of bloodsuckers. He never had any friends. He was a loner. But, in this room, he felt comfortable and felt like he fit in even though he’d rather have a root beer instead of blood to drink. When he heard that she was going to die, his heart sunk into the pit of his stomach. Even though he had only meet this beautiful woman that evening, he knew he wanted to be with her forever.

Unfortunately, Joclyn only had one night to live. At sunrise, she would pass on unless she bit a human. When Brad offered himself to her, she flat out refused. He did his best to persuade her in order for them to be together. It was no luck. They spent the night together just talking and kissing and snuggling. As the hours passed, Joclyn kept sneezing. The sign of upcoming death for a vampire is uncontrollable sneezing several hours before sunrise. Brad was determined to keep his sweetheart alive. With only a half-hour to spare, Brad shoved his neck into her mouth during one of Joclyn’s sneezing fits. The woman was too weak to shove him of her. Meanwhile, the force of her sneezes made her fangs dig deep into Brad’s neck and she tasted fresh human blood for the first time. Her body felt revitalized. Despite Brad’s sneaky move, the transsexual vampire was deeply grateful for his unselfish act of love.

Now, they would be together for eternity.

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George Marron
I enjoy writing romance and adventure stories as a pastime. My first piece of story writing I ever wrote was about a lion. I was in fourth grade. Beforehand, I wrote my first poem. It was about an alligator.

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