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Watch: New YouTube series “Her Story” portrays what it’s like to be a modern trans woman

HerStoryPressImage4If you’re looking for your latest TV drama, Her Story is a must watch.

Co-written by Jen Richards and Laura Zak–and in collaboration with director Sydney Freehand (of 2015 Sundance Film Festival’s hit-film, Drunktown’s Finest), cinematographer Berenice Eveno, and producer Katherine Fish/Speed of Joy Productions–Her Story breaks the form of transgender sexuality.

Her Story follows two transgender women in Los Angeles navigating dating, love, careers, and sexuality. The first six-episode season tells the story of Violet (Jen Richards), a timid and insecure trans woman exploring and discovering her sexual feelings and her best friend Paige, played by actress Angelica Ross, a witty, articulate, and successful attorney dating in a cisgender world as a trans woman.

Allie (Laura Zak), a genderqueer female, is a reporter that is interested in writing a piece about trans women for her queer publication, Gay LA. After previously seeing Violet at a bar, Allie sees her again at a restaurant and asks if she would be interested in interviewing for her piece. Eventually, Violet agrees to be Allie’s muse.

While discussing the article, both begin to feel an unexplained attraction towards each other. It’s a deep connection that overshadows sexual preference–and Her Story, does not hold back. The series showcases sexual desire in a sweet and romantic manner that makes us feel compelled.

I, however, feel more compelled with Paige’s character when it comes to my personal dating life. She starts to date an attractive and sweet guy James (Christian Ochoa) and holds back on exposing herself to let her personality shine through without the labels. I felt a strong connection with Paige in her dating endeavors and I was left with the sense that she would have a happy ending after all.

Aside from Violet and Paige’s dating lives, Her Story also touches on common issues that trans women face in the LGBTQ community. Take the character Lisa (Caroline Whitney Smith) for example. She’s a rather TERF-y butch lesbian who uses the derivative word “tranny” and purposely misgenders Violet throughout the season. Indeed, her character is a bit hard to swallow, but it is a sad reality in the LGBTQ community because, unfortunately, there is still a lot of ignorance and prejudice when it comes to trans issues.

Despite the impactful year that 2015 was for transgender presence in the media, the big screen and TV. We still have a long road to fully capture the essence of the modern trans woman. The year 2016 will hopefully shine more light into the real lives of trans women everywhere. Her Story has a special light that will only get brighter. Call it a #girlslikeus intuition.

You can watch the first episode below and stream the rest of the series on http://herstoryshow.com

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Desiree Maçedo
Desiree is a Texas native who now resides in New York City. She was accepted to the Fashion Institute of Technology, which was her one way ticket to the Big Apple. Not finding her groove in the fashion industry, Macedo began to expressively educate and use her voice to inspire, not only the trans community but her allies. As a modern Trans woman, Macedo wants to tell her story and provide a sense of hope for the next generation.

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