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Why we love Trans Girl Next Door

Everyone in the trans community knows that the journey of transitioning is not always pleasant or enjoyable. While it’s important to note that everyone’s experience is different, we all try to make the best of the cards we’re handed in order be our our true, authentic selves – even if it means taking a few fun and lighthearted jabs at yourself every now and then.

That’s why we love Kylie Wu, the lively creator of Trans Girl Next Door.

Through her comics, not only does she perfectly describe what it is to be a trans woman, but she also captures the hilariousness of the things that we go through, which is completely relatable from any trans woman’s point of view. Most of the situations that her character is put in showcases exactly how we felt when we came into situations like…

Sex talk with your cis girl friends: cisgirltalk

When you first start establishing a relationship with your boobs:


When your hormones send you on an emotional rollercoaster:hormones

And even when the tuck gets out of control:tuck

Through her illustrations, Kylie has captured the journey that a lot of trans women go through and the true heart of transition that many of them experience during different stages. She allows for us to laugh at those awkward experiences that were funny, but in a way that helps build us up and not down. With her work, she portrays the normality of what it is to be a trans woman in a pure way that even individuals who are not trans can follow along.

In its simplicity, Trans Girl Next Door is pure comedic gold that can be heartwarming, hilarious, real ,and thoughtful–and it is definitely strong enough to be shared throughout every community.

You can check out more of Kylie Wu’s heartwarming comics here and support her future work by donating to her Patreon.

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